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We all arrive by different streets,
by unequal languages, at Silence.
Pablo Neruda, from “Still Another Day: XVII/Men” (via litverve)

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From Lifeguard Station 26 / #15, 1999by John Humble

i needed this. alone.

37/365 by Ushas Merten
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does anybody else clean their phone screen by wiping it on their boob or is that just me

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23.05.13, Hannover | Solidarity Demonstration for the evicted “IvI”
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You don’t need to swim to feel like you drowning; on We Heart It.
We’re adults, but, like…adult cats. Someone should probably take care of us, but we can sort of make it on our own.
my roommate, on the question “are we adults” (via disjunct)

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