The moon lives in the lining of your skin.
Pablo Neruda  (via faroofash)

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Girl - Jamie xx

Some people feel like they don’t deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past.
Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild (via satanic-hanne)

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i was reading through my journal and i found this one page and it broke me
But what about me? I’ve been melted into something
too easy to spill.
Brenda Shaughnessy, from “Liquid Flesh” (via oofpoetry)

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La Naissance - Keaton henson

It’s like you live in your own private world. And the world the rest us live in has nothing on you because you don’t belong here anyway.
The Truth About Emanuel  (via enjoythelittle-things)

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